When you have critical assets that aren’t found on the shelf, you buy a spare.  You cover yourself in the event of an unexpected failure to prevent unwanted downtime.  But what happens when you go to install the spare and it doesn’t work?  All too often someone will go to install a spare and find that their motors have not been maintained properly.  The bearings now have flat spots and your spare that was supposed to get you out of a jam has turned into an expensive paperweight.  So what’s the answer?

Store your critical assets with IEM and let us take care of the maintenance.  We have warehouse locations in Longview, WA and Visalia, CA where our trained personnel oversee the maintenance and housing of your critical assets.  Our facilities are temperature and humidity controlled as well as pest controlled to ensure there are no surprises when you go to install your spare.  We provide documentation and regular maintenance intervals to maintain equipment in a ready state.

Our 24/7 service means that no matter when a failure occurs you have access to your assets as soon as you need them.  No surprises, just peace of mind.  Store your assets with IEM today.

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