Controls & Automation

Industrial automation is critical to the efficient operation of today’s plants and manufacturing facilities. Hardware and software can monitor and control the operation of machinery. Businesses that hesitate to automate their workflow risk falling behind in their industry and losing market share to competitors.

IEM can analyze your operations and make recommendations for automation. We develop all of our mechanical and electrical designs in-house and provide highly customized, progressive solutions. We’ve helped businesses in diverse industries – mining, oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, water/waste water treatment, power plants, paper, etc. – streamline their processes.

Let IEM craft the ideal automation solution for you. The benefits you can expect are numerous:

  • Reduced Costs – Automating your system will result in reduced capital and operating costs. The savings add up quickly to give you a solid ROI. 
  • Improved Quality – Industrial automation improves consistency and uniformity. Incorporating our technology into your manufacturing process will result in greater precision than traditional practices..
  • Increased Efficiency – Automated systems require far less downtime than their human counterparts. Changes or adjustments can usually be reprogrammed offline, requiring little to no operator training. This results in increased utilization, enhanced performance and reliability. 
  • Safety – Hazardous tasks such as working with dangerous chemicals, lifting heavy objects, working in harsh environments, and performing tasks with repetitive motion can often be best performed by automation.
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