Vertical Motors

IEM has strong relationships with GE and US to provide vertical hollow shaft and vertical solid shaft motors for any industrial application.  We stock a range of vertical pump motors in our warehouses that are ready for shipment at a moment’s notice.

GE’s Ultra Series Vertical hollow shaft (VHS) are offered in both standard and high efficiency ratings with cast iron frame, high thrust, space heaters, inverter duty insulation, and non-reverse ratchet.  This rugged construction allows the product line to meet all requirements necessary for vertical hollow shaft motors. 

US motors is one of the oldest and most respected motor manufacturers in the US.  Known for reliability and performance the vertical motors that US produces are among the strongest in the market.

Whether you a looking for a spare motor or capital project support, IEM has the engineers and resources to ensure no detail is forgotten. IEM specializes in the details. Do you need a vertical or hollow shaft? Belted load or direct connect? What is the thrust requirement for this application? We look beyond the nameplate to identify any unseen factors that could come into play.

We don’t look for the quick solution. We find the best solution to your problem and solve it the first time. When it comes to vertical motors, go to the people you can trust to get you the right solution.

More resources, smarter solutions.

More resources, smarter solutions
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