Substation / UPS Batteries

When customers in the oil and gas industry are looking for substation and UPS batteries, it’s important to find models that have a proven record of excellent performance and reliability. At Industrial Electric Machinery, we serve customers in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona with batteries from the industry’s top manufacturers, including a full range from C&D Technologies. We offer the DCU Lead-Calcium / DU Lead Antimony battery, which features a transparent container that allows for the visual inspection of plates. It has accessible terminals for the measurement of individual cell voltages and capacities that range from 50 to 200 ampere-hours. We also carry the JC Lead-Calcium battery. This features a time-tested epoxy post seal design which offers an increased adhesive coverage area and suspended positive plates, allowing free growth without any pressure on the jar and cover. Several other models are also available from C&D, including the Liberty, msEndur, and SGC Series.

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