Medium Voltage VFDs

Variable frequency drives can have a significant benefit to your industrial site.  Whether it’s lowering your operating costs, reducing inrush current to your motor, or better controlling your process, there are many reasons to include a VFD in your planning.  

IEM is the Siemens representative for Medium Voltage VFDs for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.  This means we are the point man for all repairs, new sales and emergency services associated with   In California IEM works closely with ABB to support new sales, repair, and commissioning of all ABB drives. 

Product Spotlight:

Siemens GH180 Perfect Harmony

With more than 20,000 installations worldwide, Siemens sets the standard for Medium Voltage VFDs in the industry.  Utilizing an H-bridge design and advanced cell bypass technology, the Perfect Harmony series maximizes process availability and protects against failure in the power cell to keep you running at 100%.  An unparalleled efficiency through the speed range means one thing: cost savings to you, the end user.  An industry low harmonic profile means lower cost of ownership, better motor MTBF, and no need for filters up to 7500 ft! 

Technical data at a glance:


  • Typical power converter: 99%
  • Typical total drive system: 96.5% – 97%

Line supply Connection:

  • Input voltage and voltage tolerance: 2.3 to 13.8 kV, ±10%
  • Input frequency:  50 or 60 Hz, ±5%
  • Input power factor:  ≥ 0.95 above 10% load

Input Current Harmonics:

  • ≤ 5% TDD (total demand distortion)
  • Meets or exceeds IEEE-519-2014

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