Low Voltage Motors

IEM is a stocking distributor of NEMA IEEE-841 premium efficient motors.  We have warehouses in WA, CA and Alaska that are available 24/7/365.  The 841-motor is the most robust motor in the industry and comes with a standard five-year warranty. In addition to the 841-motor classification, IEM also stocks severe duty and general-purpose motors for standard applications.

The newest classification for pulley driven applications is the API-661 NEMA motor featuring an oversized roller bearing on the pulley driven end of the motor. This design has seen increases in bearing life of motors utilizing pulleys of 100%. This motor has twice the bearing life of the normal C3 bearings used in standard NEMA motors. The 661 is the perfect motor for cooling tower fin fan applications and belt driven compressors.

Product Spotlight:

GE Ultra IEEE-841 Motor

The cream of the crop.  The top of the heap.  King of the mountain.  All three would be apt descriptions of GE’s Ultra series IEEE-841 motor. GE’s top of the line low voltage motor blows away industry standards and specifications, holding themselves a cut above the rest.  With just .04 IPS vibration you will see an extended life not out of just this motor but the seals and bearings that it is connected to.  Class H insulation and Class B temperature rise across the bearings means this motor can run hotter for longer than any competitor out there without damaging the insulation.  When you buy an Ultra 841 motor from GE you aren’t buying a motor, you are buying peace of mind.  Money well spent.

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