Low Voltage VFDs

Variable frequency drives can be a great source of cost savings and process control in industrial settings.  IEM works closely with ABB and Siemens to cover all your needs for variable speed applications.  IEM has experience with new applications, electrification projects, and replacement of obsolete drives.  Have an old DC drive that you would like to convert to AC but unsure how?  Contact us today and we’ll take care of all the details.  IEM has the expertise and resources to provide the right solution for all your VFD needs.

Product spotlight:  ABB ACQ580

The ACQ580 is ABB’s newest VFD addition to the water/wastewater market. If you desire reliable, robust performance and clear communication with your VFD, then the ACQ580 is right for you. With built in pump functionality and a smaller footprint than 18 pulse drives, this drive delivers optimal performance in less space than the leading competitors.

ABB’s active front end has:

  • 40% less harmonics then an 18 pulse solution and a modern passive trap filter.
  • 25% less harmonics then a 6 pulse with active filter.
  • ACQ580-31 AFE drive is around 50% the size of an 18 pulse where space is limited like CA.
  • ULH-Active Front End drive is fully integrated making it easier for installation and maintenance.
  • Wall mount, module, and cabinet AFE options.
  • Built in swinging choke.
  • Built in Safe Torque Off.
  • We have a 6 year and 10 year extended CARE contract package.

Lastly, ABB drives are able to be integrated into GE MCCs, making them an ideal fit for retrofit projects.

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