IEM provides couplings and gearboxes throughout the West Coast and is a stocking distributor of Flender couplings.  IEM has strong partnerships with Flender, Sumitomo, Hansen and other leading manufacturers to provide the most reliable couplings and gearboxes on the market.  Whether you need a standard size coupling or a custom solution, IEM has the resources to make it happen.

IEM is able to bore and key a coupling for you or work with you to engineer a more complex solution.  When it comes to gearboxes, IEM has engineers that will design and size the right gearbox for the right application.  Contact us to learn more today!  

Product spotlight:

Flender N-EUPEX Coupling

With the new double-cardanic design, the coupling compensates for not only a greater range of shaft angle offsets, but also a considerably greater radial offset so that shaft ends can be connected in a manner that offers the drive greater protection. With this two-joint version, compensation for radial offset that occurs between the shaft ends is enabled by a corresponding angle of inclination in the elastomer joints.

Here a special design feature, unique on the market and immediately noticeable, is the complete encapsulation of the elastomer elements. This covering prevents the sleeve from flying off if components break due to improper overload.   In contrast to other solutions on the market, the elastomer elements are not located within the shaft diameter, but instead, outside of it. A greater distance from the axis of rotation means a lower load on the outer wall and, as a result, less wear. Due to this clearance, together with the decreased tendency of the 90 Shore A elements to undergo over-working in case of shaft offset, the elements have a longer service life, which increases the availability of the coupling.

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