ANEMA Motors

IEM provides above NEMA motors for our customers in every industry.  Our expertise in API 541/547 make us a trusted partner in capital projects and electrification projects among the oil and gas industries.  This expertise has led us to support the paper and pulp, power generation, steel, and many other industries in their large motor needs.  We stock a variety of commonly used ANEMA motors in 2300/4160V for when you have an unexpected failure.  For projects that are planned out we have application engineers with over 30 years experience to ensure that you get the right product to support your application. 

IEM has decades of experience working with manufacturers on large, special motors. With significant history in both rebuilding and procuring motors we are uniquely suited to help you solve your next challenging project. We handle synchronous, DC, and AC motors with more expertise than anyone else on the West Coast.

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