Field Service Engineer Spotlight

Craig – Electrical Engineer

“All customers are unique and so are their solutions.”

Craig serves as an Electrical Engineer for Industrial Electric Machinery (IEM). In his role, he
specializes in power systems protection, VFD, protective relay testing, ETAP coordination, arc
flash analysis, and general testing and troubleshooting of generator controls.

Prior to joining IEM in 2019, Craig served as an engineer for Integrated Control Systems (ICS).
There, he developed control systems for the oil and gas industry. At ICS, he was primarily engaged
in Beckhoff PLC programming and ABB AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) application for use in the
oil production environment. Prior to that, he served as an electrical engineer for Harold Wells
Associates and, before that, as an area manager for Rockwell Automation. Other previous work
experience includes serving as an application engineer for ABB and as a field service for Eaton.

Craig attended the University of California at Irvine where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in
electrical and electronics engineering. He went on to earn his Master’s degree in electrical and
electronics engineering from the University of Idaho. He has been licensed by the California
Department of Consumer Affairs as a Professional Engineer (PE) since 1998 and as an Electrical
Contractor (EC) since 2020. He earned his Power Systems Protection Certificate from the University
of Idaho in 2010. He has also been issued a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) from
the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers.

“I love being an engineer and it’s a natural fit for me,” says Craig. “I always had a proficiency
for math and I found engineering both challenging and interesting.”
When the opportunity arose for Craig to work at IEM, he felt like it would be a win-­‐win for him and the company. “IEM did a lot of power system protection work, which I wanted to do more of,” said Craig.
“I did a lot of VFD work, which they wanted to get more into, so it was a good fit for both of us.”
Craig appreciates the opportunity IEM provides him to mentor the next generation of engineers.
“My whole career, I’ve grown and learned from the competent professionals around me,” he says. “I now enjoy the opportunity to educate the younger folks, particularly on the VFD side. It takes time for people to
learn that side of the business, and I’m glad to work for a company that recognizes its value. I
look at IEM as a place where I could spend the rest of my career.”
One of Craig’s favorite things about his current role is the balance of office work and time in the field. “I have always enjoyed challenging projects,” says Craig. “We do a lot of work for cement plants, power plants, refineries
and such. I like when we can arm the customer with helpful data that provides them with an accurate
picture of potential risks for safety and performance. No two projects are alike. All customers are
unique and so are their solutions.”
When he’s not working, Craig enjoys spending time with his son and two daughters, traveling and cooking, specifically grilling.

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