Case Study: When you need to be running, make one call

Here at IEM we pride ourselves on providing timely, quality service when things go wrong.  Recently we had a customer in just this situation – in a span of two weeks they were hit with a 4 punch combination of equipment breaking down.  Each piece of equipment was different – a DC motor, a DC VFD, a gearbox, and an AC VFD – but with one phone call they were able to get assistance with all 4.  Without any one of these items our customer would have had, at best, significantly reduced production and at worst completely shutdown lines.  We were able to be respond at a moment’s notice and get them back operating with production on the line  with 24 hour service, industry leading knowledge and a wide network of suppliers to tap into.  Perfect when you need that item right then and right there.

The highlight of this response was the work completed by Mike Rivera, IEM’s resident controls technician.  If there is a VFD or PLC that Mike can’t program and troubleshoot, I haven’t seen it.  Mike worked around the clock to identify and fix the issues with both the DC and AC VFD on site.  These drives were powering motors on different sections of production, and were made by different manufacturers.  It didn’t matter to Mike.  Mike worked with our customers’ electricians and controls technicians to not only get the lines back running, but running smoother and better production than before.  When others look for experts, we look to Mike.  

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