4000 HP Common Spare

In November 2017, IEM was contacted by a California Refinery to quote an API 541 5th Edition Medium Voltage motor for a shipping pump application. The initial motor quotation was for a Siemens 4000 HP, 3600 RPM Motor, 6813, WPII enclosure.  As discussions and data sheets progressed, we were informed that there were actually 4 applications in the refinery that required the same HP, RPM and enclosure.

Two of the applications were for product shipping pumps that were mounted next to each other.  The problem was that one of the motors was a F1 mount and the other motor was a F2 mount. IEM was able to design a motor with terminal box openings on each side of the motor so that leads were available in either the F1 or F2 position. 

The additional applications for this HP, RPM and Enclosure was for two GE coker jet pump motors.  The issue here was that the two applications used different frame sizes.  The GE motors were utilizing an 8511S Frame and the shipping pump motor was quoted as a 6813 frame.  After a complete job walk and dimensional verification, IEM was able to design a transition base making the one common spare available to all four locations in the refinery. 

Instead of having to purchase two costly spares for different applications we were able to come up with a unique solution that solved our customer’s problem and saved money.  More resources, smarter solutions – that’s the IEM way.

More resources, smarter solutions
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